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At Workable Wellness, we specialise in tailoring workplace wellness policies, programs and presentations around the topics of stress, burnout, resilience and vitality for teams of 5-50.

This enables you to attract, retain and enthuse a healthy workforce, as well as drive meaningful cultural change for the long-term performance and profitability of your organisation.

Absenteeism Costs
$0 billion
Per Year
Presenteeism Costs
$0 billion
Per Year
Stress-Related Claims Cost
$0 million
Per Year

Healthy workforce. Healthy business.

Research from Workplace Health Association Australia shows that good management of employee health can improve a company’s financial performance by more than 2.5 times3. What’s more, a recent meta-analysis of 60 studies5 involving over half a million employees showed that effective workplace health programs resulted in an average:

  • 25.3% decrease in sick leave
  • 40.7% decrease in workers compensation costs
  • 24.2% decrease in disability management costs
  • $5.81 saving for every $1 invested in employee well being.
What are the benefits of the right workplace health program?

✓ Improve the health and resilience of your workforce
✓ Boost staff productivity, motivation and loyalty
✓ Reduce the number of employee sick days
✓ Create realistic and long-lasting cultural change within your organisation
✓ Become an Employer of Choice – one that attracts and retains the best talent .

Effective workplace wellness programs need to:
Include the 5 pillars of a successful wellness model - Move. Eat. Treat. Rejuvenate. Eliminate. Not be just a weekly boot-camp.
Be designed so they can easily be incorporated into the daily schedule of even the busiest professional. Not an inflexible, unrealistic, over-demanding program.
Be able to be customised by each participant to fit into their differing needs and situations. Not a one-size fits all.
Be delivered by credible experts who know what works best based on experience, data, and research. Not from an overnight self-proclaimed expert.
Be light and enjoyable, and reward positive behaviour change at every step of the process. Not feel like an additional task to add to your to-do list.
Be easy to monitor, evaluate, and adjust by your company based on the ongoing results and feedback. Not a hands-off approach with no modifications along the way.
Be simple, easily understood information that is effortless to implement. Not overly complicated, conflicting, or confusing information that no one ends up using.
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