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What I Learnt at the Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards

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It was an honour to be in the room and witness the 2016 Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards. Every seat was filled with an incredible individual who is in pursuit of making this world a better place in a big or small way.

The two stand-out moments for me were:
  1. Elizabeth Broderick was inducted into the Hall of Fame and her acceptance speech was an inspiration (just like she is) and it filled me with hope about gender diversity across Australian workplaces.
  2. Hearing from Lane Beachley about how as world number 2 in surfing she worked 4 part-time jobs, earning a pathetic $8,000 a year just so she could support her dream. Despite the difficulties of juggling all this, she never gave up on that dream and won 7 World Championships.
What I learnt most:
  1. Never forget where you have come from or who has helped you along the way. Whether they have financed you, opened doors for you, or given you kind words of encouragement, always respect this support.
  2. If you are a trailblazer, be proud and mindful that you are opening doors and making it easier for everyone who comes after you. If you don’t do this, who will?
  3. As the Honourable Linda Burney said: “It is humble acts of generosity, kindness, intelligence and grace that bring about change.” These acts might occur at the dinner table, in your organization or they may be decisions you make about yourself, but they are “the real acts of leadership”.

Congratulations to everyone who won an award, was a finalist, or came to support and/or be inspired. We often don’t hear about the quiet achievements so it is great that Women’s Agenda gives us this platform for recognition and celebration. Thank you Angela Priestly.

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Heidi Dening - Founder and CEO - Workable Wellness
Heidi Dening - Founder and CEO - Workable Wellness

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