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Research now proves that healthy, happy, loyal team members lead to successful, profitable companies.

The INVIGORATE program has been developed from an award-winning leader who has over 18 years experience of working with busy professionals. Heidi Dening understands the wellness messages that resonate with time-poor corporate employees and which messages they are likely to successfully integrate into their busy lifestyles.

Make sure you only choose the best for your team members by selecting this unique, realistic INVIGORATE program.

Benefits of the 6 week INVIGORATE Program

  • Prevention is better than cure. Safeguard your company from staff turnover, absenteeism, presenteeism and unnecessary workers compensation claims by improving your team members’ health, energy and resilience with this unique wellness program.
  • Accessible from anywhere, at anytime. Perfect for employees who commute, for those working in regional areas, or team members working from home. Everyone can feel included, connected and cared for.
  • Convenient and easy-to-follow online resource tailored for time poor individuals.
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Your Company Receives:

  • Pre & Post Online Wellness Survey for all employees

  • Posters and fact sheets with behaviour change suggestions for staff rooms

  • Face-2-Face post-program meeting for evaluation purposes and a plan on how you can continue to keep your employees healthy, resilient & productive.

Your Team Members Receive:

  • Each team member can signup a friend or family member for free to help them stay on track

  • Six Modules – Wellness Success, Move, Eat, Treat, Rejuvenate, Eliminate. Each module includes:
    • Two educational videos – plus the audio and written transcripts of each (so participants can watch, listen or read while commuting or if their Wi-Fi at home is bad)

    • One Mindset audio to ensure they don’t get ‘stuck’ – plus the written transcript

    • One 5-day Mini-challenge video – plus the audio and challenge document

    • Downloadable worksheets to complete to ensure wellness education is instilled

    • Cooking and movement videos – with the documents to accompany them

    • Full Resource Library packed with worksheets, checklists, recipes, workouts and information sheets

  • Access to community forum area to ask our wellness experts questions and also to provide support to each other

  • Monthly e-news with extra wellness tips, inspiration & motivation to stay focused
And once you’ve completed the 6-week Invigorate Program? You’ll still have lifetime access to your full course, the complete resource library, and any future additions to the program.

What will I learn in each module?

Workable Wellness - Module 1 - Wellness Success
  • How to define your wellness success
  • Establishing your wellness goal
  • How the ‘Glass Jar’ theory can help you prioritise
  • Workplace stress – how it effects you and what you can do to manage it
  • Plus: Mindset Audio, 5-day Mini-challenge, Worksheets and Resources
Workable Wellness - Module 2 - Move
  • Fitness vs movement
  • Move more at work (includes a stretch at your desk workout video)
  • Ways to move before and after work
  • Weekend leisure activities and hobbies to get your body moving
  • Mindset Audio – Active Body, Active Brain
  • Plus: Mindset Audio, 5-day Mini-challenge, Worksheets and Resources
Workable Wellness - Module 3 - Rest
  • Digital overload and the importance of disconnecting from our devices
  • Simple techniques to use before and during stressful work situations
  • What to do when you find it hard to meditate
  • Rituals to help you fall asleep and stay asleep
  • Plus: Mindset Audio, 5-day Mini-challenge, Worksheets and Resources
Workable Wellness - Module 4 - Eat
  • How to shop for, prepare and cook nutritious meals
  • Breakfast – how to fuel your brain and body at the start of each day
  • Lunch – how to fit it in and eat it away from your desk
  • Dinner / Eating Out – how to deal with corporate events
  • Liquid consumption – how water, caffeine and alcohol affect our mind and body
  • Which snacks are best for energy and focus?
  • Plus: Mindset Audio, 5-day Mini-challenge, Worksheets and Resources
Workable Wellness - Module 5 - Treat
  • How to inject more joy and laughter into your life
  • Finding something or someone to connect with outside of work
  • How volunteering can give your life extra meaning and fulfillment
  • The power of pampering and self-care
  • Plus: Mindset Audio, 5-day Mini-challenge, Worksheets and Resources
Workable Wellness - Module 6 - Eliminate
  • Which habits are draining you of time, energy and focus?
  • Discover what’s holding you back and how to overcome it
  • Oxygen mask – you must put it on yourself first
  • Perfection is a fairytale – don’t give up just because you hit a speed hump
  • Plus: Mindset Audio, 5-day Mini-challenge, Worksheets and Resources

What Are Your Next Steps?

Step 1 – Contact
Call us to discuss the needs of your company or to organise a face-to-face or Skype meeting to map out a plan.

Step 2 – Free Trial
We can give you access to Module 1 for free so you can decide if the program and its messages are right for your employees.

Step 3 – Optional Launch event
Heidi Dening to present a ‘Lunch and Learn’ workshop to your staff. Choose one from our workshop page or we can tailor one especially for your team.
This step is optional, but recommended to ensure staff take-up and commitment to your workplace wellness initiative.

Step 4 – Employee sign-up
Let’s discuss whether it is better for you to pay for your staff, or whether a staff reimbursement program would better ensure their active participation, and therefore improve outcomes for your organisation.

Step 5 – Let’s get started with boosting the vitality, resilience and performance of your employees with this 6-week corporate wellness program.
Linda Stangherlin - National Sales Manager - Investments - Zurich Financial Services

Heidi has an Exceptional Skill of Instilling Emotional Strength and Self-belief

“I am a professional in the finance industry, often travelling for work, leading a very hectic lifestyle. Achieving personal goals as well as having endurance in the workplace is very important to me, (i.e. fit body, fit mind). Heidi has an exceptional skill of instilling in everyone an emotional strength and a very strong belief that anything is possible for those who wish to apply themselves. This level of motivation and belief is something that you cannot buy, and I am fortunate to have been a recipient of this, and have now been able to apply it to many parts of my life. The level of dedication Heidi gives is extraordinary, and her passion for business and wellbeing is very evident.”

Linda Stangherlin
National Sales Manager – Investments,
Zurich Financial Services

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