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Human-Centred Design plus Education Creates Healthy, Thriving Work Cultures

Heidi Dening Career, Business & Entrepreneurship

The competition to attract, retain and enthuse great people gets tougher each year. Every time one of your team members decides the “grass is greener”, you lose critical IP, team momentum, dozens of hours in recruitment and on-boarding, and of course, this all equates to money down the drain. So what can an organisation do to ensure that the right …

Workplace Wellness in Winter / Motivation / Rejuvenate / Nourish Your Body / Move More / Exercise / Food Nutrition / Heidi Dening / Workable Wellness

Workplace Wellness in Winter

Heidi Dening Food & Nutrition, Inspiration & Motivation, Movement & Exercise, Rest & Rejuvenation

Winter can be a tough time to start or stick to a plan. Cold, dark mornings. Cold, dark evenings. Motivation seems to be at an all-time low.

Roasted Baby Carrots / Healthy Food / Nutrition / Recipes / Workable Wellness

Roasted Baby Carrots with Pomegranate, Pistachio and Hummus

Heidi Dening Food & Nutrition

This healthy recipe is not only jam-packed with delicious ingredients that will nourish your body, but it is also quite a show-stopper at a dinner party. The original recipe suggests you make your own hummus, but if you are anything like me and need to find some short-cuts, then using a pre-prepared preservative free one is perfectly OK (my favourite …