Meet the Workable Wellness Team

Heidi Dening

Our speaker and consultant who has a gift for creating realistic workplace wellness policies, programs and presentations.

Andrea Rowe

Our copywriting and communications specialist whose engaging words and tactical approaches help us tell our story and connect with our clients and community.

Bill Matley

The behind the scenes accountant providing financial education and support, and demystifying tax.

Kirsty Angerer

Our ergonomics expert who unravels science and research so we can easily understand how to reduce employee discomfort and injury, while improving workplace wellness and performance.

Magdaleen Kelly

Xero Hero and keeper of the books. Automating and streamlining the bookkeeping process so the team has the fundamentals in place to better support their clients.

Stacey Hughes

The graphic designer who turns ‘ho hum’ words and images into works of art that express an engaging story.

Jenny Boss

Our nutrition expert, who shows us how the right food will not only improve your health, but also lower your stress, boost your mood, and increase your energy.

Anna Kuhl

Our business support guru who is the engine behind Workable Wellness.

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