21 Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas

This time of year can be stressful and overwhelming.

There are Christmas parties, end-of-year functions, presentation nights, staff dinners, budgeting meetings, planning meetings, and school holiday preparation … to name just a few!

How is anyone supposed to get enough time to find all those perfect Christmas presents?

Plus, you promised yourself this year that you were only going to buy healthy, inspirational, and thoughtful presents for your loved ones (and those you don’t love so much but you still have to buy for!!!) Aaaah!

I’m here to help.

I have created this list to help with any of your last minute purchases that still need to be made.


Feel free to email me if you need some more specific ideas for anyone who is a little tricky!


  1. Wearable technology – check out the latest fashionable choices.
  2. Stand up paddleboard, kayak, bushwalk, surfing lessons, Latin American dance classes.
  3. Activewear / gym clothes.
  4. Personal training / pilates / yoga / fitness centre vouchers.


  1. Cooking classes – e.g. Sydney Seafood School.
  2. Juicer / blender / Magic Bullet / Thermomix / Vita-mix / good quality cooking utensils.
  3. Cookbooks.
  4. Restaurant vouchers.


  1. Books and magazines – here are 60 healthy magazines to choose from, or perhaps a book that is a success stories, an autobiography, or has inspiring health education, e.g. The Sleep Revolution or Thrive by Arianna Huffington.
  2. Massage, facial, or body scrub.
  3. Open air cinemas – so perfect for southern hemisphere summers. St George Open Air Cinema claims to be the most beautiful in the world. I don’t think they are wrong!
  4. Plants and/or gardening tools – getting in the dirt, out in the fresh air, and watching something grow is so good for the soul.


  1. Retreat – e.g. Gaia Retreat and Spa – This is my ultimate favourite and where we will launch our first Leaders with Vitality retreat in 2017.
  2. Meditation and relaxation – DVDs, apps, classes, e.g. Deepak Chopra.
  3. Box set of their favourite TV series for some serious couch time-out.
  4. Sleep mask, lavender oil, new pillow – for better sleeping.


  1. Transport miles – shop locally.
  2. Waste – buy a Keep Cup.
  3. Animal cruelty – cosmetics that haven’t been tested on animals, e.g. Ultraceuticals.
  4. Sweatshops – research the supply chain and make informed decisions, e.g. my favourite app to help me make informed decisions is Shop Ethical.

Best Gift Of All:

  1. Your time – share, connect, and listen.

There is no gift as valuable as the gift of time. All you need is your imagination & a splash of generosity.  Tweet: When you have an early meeting or you just can’t face eating before you rush out the door, then a smoothie is the perfect morning companion. Click to tweet

It is so much easier to pay for something and have it delivered. Giving your time comes from the heart and is the most authentic gift you can give to anyone who is important to you.

Volunteer together, cook together, walk together, have a picnic, diarise an hour a week to chat on Skype, go to a show, take a meal over to their place, sit side-by- side having a pedicure, swim in the ocean, walk your dogs, or have a 2-person book club.

The options are limitless. As I said above, all you need is your imagination and a splash of generosity.

I would love to hear from you if you have any other thoughts on healthy Christmas gifts so I can continue to inspire our community.

Be Well. Love Life. Heidi Dening - Workable Wellness
Heidi Dening - Founder and CEO - Workable Wellness
Heidi Dening - Founder and CEO - Workable Wellness

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