Do You Struggle To Prioritise What You Should Implement To Improve Your Vitality, Optimism, Productivity and Performance?

Do You Need Someone To Hold You Accountable?

There seems to be a thousand ‘experts’ telling us that to get results we should do this, do that, and do it all when really there may only be about 30seconds of spare time in our day!

How on earth can we fit it all in?

Unfortunately, these ‘experts’ often don’t consider the fact that we have demanding jobs, long commutes, family responsibilities…..and that we need to sleep!

That is why I created this Be Well Taster Package.

All my experience in helping individuals, teams and companies to transform, means I can do two things really well:

  1. I can very quickly understand what small micro-change you can put in place that will have a big impact on your life.
  2. I will keep you accountable so you don’t lose sight of what you are trying to achieve.

The Be Well Taster Package has the following inclusions to help you achieve your goals.

1. Online Be Well Audit:

This Be Well audit is designed for professionals who have full lives and provides a snapshot of your complete health and wellbeing right now. It looks at the 6 pillars of wellness – Move, Eat, Treat, Rejuvenate, Eliminate, and Work (and allows us to understand what small tweaks or big changes you can make to turn things around!).

2. Be Well Review and Goal-Setting Call:

Let’s spend a focused 30mins discussing your answers from the Be Well audit, and I will share with you my powerful Glass Jar Theory that has helped countless busy professionals to prioritise the immediate micro-change that can be put in place to get results.

3. 30day Be Well Plan:

You will be provided with a 30day Be Well plan that is realistic for you to implement despite the responsibilities and challenges you are currently experiencing in your professional and personal life.

4. Follow-up Online Be Well Audit:

Repeat the Be Well audit so we can track the positive behaviour changes that you have made and/or identify bottlenecks.

5. Strategy For Success Call:

Let’s spend another focused 30mins discussing your progress, unpacking any challenges that occurred, and putting into action what you can do to ensure ongoing success.

Personalised Strategies That Have Made a Big Difference to My Life

“Heidi has an exceptional skill of instilling in everyone an emotional strength and a very strong belief that anything is possible for those who wish to apply themselves.

As a professional in the finance industry, often travelling for work and leading a very hectic lifestyle, having endurance in the workplace is very important to me, (i.e. fit body, fit mind).

The level of dedication Heidi gives is extraordinary and her passion for professional and personal success is very evident. This level of motivation and belief is priceless and I am fortunate to have been a recipient of this and have now been able to apply it to many parts of my life.”

Linda Stangherlin, Finance Industry Leader

Be Well Taster Package includes:

1. Online Be Well Audit (valued @ $50)

2. Be Well Review and Goal-Setting Call (valued @ $125)

3. 30day Be Well Plan (valued @ $200)

4. Follow-up Online Be Well Audit (valued @ $50)

5. Strategy For Success Call (valued @ $125)

Total value: $550

To see if this results-driven package is for you,
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Join our community of busy professionals
and receive monthly wellness education & inspiration.
We promise to never sell, rent, trade, or share your email with any other organisations.

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