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I was honoured to be chosen as a Featured Member in the HerBusiness group, which is a group of awesome women (and some men) from around the world who are striving to make the world a better place through their businesses.

We are life-long learners, we take action, and we care about each other and our clients.

We are headed up by the incredible Suzi Dafnis, and every day we do what we love.

I hope you find the story interesting.

Why did you start your business and what gave you the idea?

After working with busy professionals for over 20yrs, I could see that most people wanted to have more vitality and energy so they could perform at their best – at work and in life – but they didn’t know what to prioritise first. I knew I could design realistic workplace wellness programs and presentations that would educate and inspire time-poor, stressed out, overwhelmed professionals to make small bite-size changes that had positive long-term impacts on their lives. Historically, ‘wellness experts’ have made everyone believe that they needed to meditate, practise yoga, strength train, go for a run, buy organic food from a market and cook it all from scratch etc etc. but of course when you are working full-time, you can’t possibly be expected to fit all this in. Hence the creation of this business, Workable Wellness, which provides realistic wellness programs for busy professionals.

Prior to launching, I was the victim/SURVIVOR of a violent crime that saw me then struggle through a year of PTSD, injuries, pain, anxiety, and crippling insomnia. I tried every kind of therapy, medication, and some pretty way-out treatments to get myself better and I studied everything I could about the body’s reaction to trauma and stress, and how to fall asleep and stay asleep.

I’ve always believed that ‘If It’s Going To Be, It’s Up To Me’ and that traumatic experience pushed me to dig deep, challenge my comfort zones, and gain an extensive understanding on how I can better educate and inspire others to improve their physical, mental and social health, manage stress, have more vitality, sleep soundly, achieve work goals, and thrive.

I love speaking to groups (in-house and at conferences) and I feel grateful that I was able to turn this incident into an opportunity to share my passion and vast experience with so many, so they can get more out of life.

What do you enjoy most about running your own business?

I love most that I can ‘feed’ my passion of being a life-long learner.  Tweet: When you have an early meeting or you just can’t face eating before you rush out the door, then a smoothie is the perfect morning companion.  Click to tweet   There is always something else to learn or tweak or improve in a small business, which means I need to continually challenge myself and push my comfort zones.

Who’s your favourite entrepreneur and why?

This changes for me depending on what growth and/or challenges I am currently having within my business. At the moment, Naomi Simpson is my favourite entrepreneur because not only has she built an incredible business from scratch (Red Balloon Days), but she also does a fabulous job of her own personal branding. I love that I can get to know the personality behind the business. This makes me feel so much more connected to it and this is what I want for my own company. I also admire her love of family, animals, and classy dresses. 🙂

What three pieces of advice do you wish you’d been given when you started?

  1. That the B2B market is very different and a lot more challenging than the B2C market. Do thorough research prior to starting so you understand what it will take before sales start rolling in.
  2. Find a group of business owners who are at least at your stage of business (but preferably just ahead of you) that you can connect with, bounce ideas off, and be accountable to.
  3. Progress is far more important than perfection – just keep taking one more step forward every single day.  Tweet: When you have an early meeting or you just can’t face eating before you rush out the door, then a smoothie is the perfect morning companion.  Click to tweet

To read my answers to the following questions from this feature, go to Her Business.

  1. What advice would you give someone thinking about starting a business?
  2. What skills and knowledge areas would you recommend those starting out in business get acquainted with quickly?
  3. What problem does being a Premium Member of HerBusiness solve for you and your business? And, how?

Be Well / Love Life / Heidi Dening / Founder and CEO / Workable Wellness

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