In today’s hectic, global economy, it gets harder for leaders within organisations to feel energised and focused throughout their work day. Demanding deadlines, increasing stress, and retaining top talent gets prioritised over personal health and wellness.

Unfortunately though, when our physical and mental health are compromised, our ability to perform and lead teams becomes unreliable. This has a ripple effect on our capacity to meet the strategic objectives of the company, the professional responsibilities of our role, and the realistic expectations of our team members.


Leaders with Vitality Workshop

This is a three hour practical workshop that will:

  • Transform the vitality, resilience, and performance of the leaders within your organisation.
  • Educate and inspire those leaders to improve and support the sustainability of the individuals within their teams.
  • Include a pre (and post) workplace wellness audit to get a concise review of how each leader eats, sleeps, stresses, moves, and rejuvenates so we can measure change.

Benefits of Workshop

  1. Build Resilience: Recognise the warning signs of stress, and implement three micro-changes that will immediately build resilience.
  1. Real-world Rejuvenation: Apply proven coping tactics to help replenish the brain and body – especially during hectic and high-pressured times.
  1. Thriving Culture: Execute the same performance and loyalty strategies that have been proven to create a healthy, optimistic workplace, and how this directly relates to a thriving work culture, better retention and improved productivity.
  1. Save Money: Understand the true cost of having distracted, exhausted, stressed out staff members and how to turn this around to positively impact the bottom line.
  1. Realistic Plan: Develop a sustainable approach to wellness that will instantly improve your ability to analyse, strategise, focus, perform and lead.
  1. Specific Priorities: Learn the powerful Glass Jar Framework that allows you to prioritise the number one next step to improve vitality, resilience and performance as a leader.

Clear Action Points, Engaging, and So Much Value

“We had the pleasure of Heidi Dening coming to our office to run some workplace wellness training programs for both our team and managers. I am still getting people commenting about how great the sessions were!

She helped us understand the true cost of stress and anxiety in the workplace and the benefits that can be gained by supporting the physical, mental and social health of our team members. We walked away with some clear action points on how we can improve workplace wellness in the business – both low hanging fruit and long-term initiatives.

One of the issues that Heidi uncovered was the enormous loss of productivity (and dollars) due to workplace distractions and this has sparked a restructure of the business!  I would highly recommend Heidi to any company, big or small, who want to look after their biggest asset – their people.”

Owners of Precise Business Solutions

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