Speaking Testimonials

Transforming Audiences In All Industries

“We have utilised Heidi’s excellent skills as a motivational speaker, menu consultant and conference facilitator. Heidi’s ethos is to transform habits long-term and in this regard her messages are real and meaningful. More importantly, they apply to all sectors and can be easily applied to all skill sets. Heidi provides thought-provoking and well-researched data for each client and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services.”

Emma Bowyer, Managing Director, ICMSA (International Conferences Management Services Australasia)

She Had the Room in the Palm of Her Hand

“As a lawyer and small business owner, stress unfortunately comes with the territory and Heidi has given me a way to deal with that, a way to be aware of when I’m stressed, and how I can solve it straight away with the tips and tools she has given us. Heidi is a truly engaging presenter and I have no hesitation in recommending her to other business owners who are interested in improving the wellness of themselves and those who work with them.”

Amanda Farmer, Lawyer and Founder of Your Strata Property

Knowledge, Delivery, Personality, and Enthusiasm

“I had the pleasure of speaking recently at the Company Culture & Disruptive Leadership Summit Sydney where Heidi was also a speaker. Heidi took the audience through a number of 15-20 minute wellness sessions throughout the day. The energy she immediately brought to the room was captivating! Heidi is clearly an expert in wellness! I was particularly impressed with her ability to have such a profound impact with her Brain and Body rejuvenation session – amazing how much of a difference she could make to me and the audience in such a short time frame! Corporate wellness programs are becoming more and more prevalent and Heidi certainly stands out from the pack in terms of her knowledge, delivery, personality and enthusiasm for an area where she has passion. Heidi exudes wellness in her very being and I would have no hesitation in recommending her!”

Ronnie Altit, CEO and Founder Incentra

The Feedback We Received Was Unanimously Positive

“Heidi deserves her reputation, as she slotted in seamlessly with our line up of speakers (senior executives and leaders from AT&T and Westpac, for example) at the Company Culture & Disruptive Leadership Summit ’17. I would recommend Heidi to not only engage and inspire an audience, but get them to think differently – and actually move.”

Julie Alexander, Executive Director, Changing Change International

Heidi Exceeded My High Expectations

“As Australia’s longest established conference organiser, I must have seen thousands of presentations from skilled professionals but Heidi exceeded the high expectations that I had by being an engaging, inspiring and informative speaker. Her brain and body rejuvenation sessions were simply amazing and gratefully appreciated by all.”

Bryan Holliday, Chairman, ICMSA ( International Conferences Management Services Australasia)

Heidi’s Insights are Practical, Life-impacting, and Can Create Immediate & Positive Change for Her Audience Members

“Workable Wellness can change the tone of your event. We all know that the 3pm timeslot for both speaker and audience is challenging. Imagine getting to 3pm however and your audience is still engaged and in fact excited about what is to come. Heidi and her team can make this happen. As Chair of the Sydney Event Network I have organised thousands of high-end corporate events over a career spanning 17 years; what a wonderful resource we now have in Workable Wellness where even their 5 minute between speaker booster can result in conference content being better retained for lasting impact. Heidi is an expert in her field, a dynamic speaker, a passionate advocate for wellness in the workplace, and entirely focussed on her clients’ needs and objectives.”

Belinda Melocco, Chair of the Sydney Event Network

Workshop Program Testimonials

The Stress Workshop Really Resonated

“Heidi gave us really functional, workable outcomes to use to dissipate stress and enable us to work so much more effectively and powerfully. If you have stress issues, Heidi’s the girl to talk to.”

Bill Carson, CEO, Inspired Learning

Positive Impact On Our Workplace Culture

“We had Heidi from Workable Wellness come & run workshops across our entire staff over a period of 3mths. We have found her contribution invaluable. She has helped the team to put in practice realistic steps that will make a difference to their overall wellbeing, & hence will significantly impact on our workplace culture. The feedback from the team has been very positive. Thanks, Heidi – anyone thinking of putting a workplace wellness program into place would be wise to use you.”

Nina Mapson Bone, Managing Director, Beaumont People

Simple Behavioural Changes to Prevent Team Burnout

“Heidi delivered an excellent session with my busy project team. Her enthusiastic and positive style kept everyone engaged in the difficult after lunch session, but more importantly, her pragmatic and accessible message meant that the team took action after the session and were able to enact simple behavioural changes to be healthier and happier. In a high pressure, high workload environment this was gold for me, taking action to prevent the team from burning out.”

Frieda Maher, Owner, Sales Performance on Demand

Highlight Of My Day

“Heidi presented at a Culture Change conference that I attended. Her wellness sessions were relevant, practical and most importantly, fun! It was the highlight of the day for me, and we immediately booked her for our company’s staff summit because of this.”

Maxine Bartlett, HR Manager, ReachOut Australia

Practical Strategies for the Workplace, Our Personal Lives, and the Broader Community

“Heidi has provided customised workshops for our team, focusing on practical strategies we can all use to improve our own health and wellbeing. We looked at the choices we make, our behaviours and the impact that has on those around us both in the workplace, our lives and broader communities. Simple tools, thoughts and ideas brought together have helped act as a catalyst within our team to broaden communication and discussion to benefit all. Heidi has an empathy and inclusive presentation manner that is very engaging and allows free thought and discussion.”

Susannah Miall, CEO, CanToo Foundation (2014-2017)

General Testimonials

Strategies That Have Made a Big Difference to My Life

“Heidi has an exceptional skill of instilling in everyone an emotional strength and a very strong belief that anything is possible for those who wish to apply themselves. As a professional in the finance industry, often travelling for work, and leading a very hectic lifestyle, having endurance in the workplace is very important to me, (i.e. fit body, fit mind). This level of motivation and belief is something that you cannot buy, and I am fortunate to have been a recipient of this, and have now been able to apply it to many parts of my life. The level of dedication Heidi gives is extraordinary, and her passion for business is very evident.”

Linda Stangherlin, National Sales Manager, Investments, Zurich Financial Services

“One of the most informative and inspiring sessions I’ve ever attended! You’ve given so much motivation. Thank you, Heidi.”

Jayne McPherson

“There is no doubt that you are a true professional in your business. The talk kept everyone interested throughout and you could hear a pin drop throughout your talk. Question time really indicated just how much of an interest your talk was.”

David Firth, General Manager of the Enfield NSW Pak Pacific Corporation plant, a division of AMCOR Ltd

“I would like to extend my gratitude for your fantastic motivational talk provided to our staff and graduate students. Your inspirational talk had a profoundly motivational effect on all who were present. You spoke from the heart, filled with passion, and shared your fascinating experiences with the audience, delivered in a light-hearted tone, and with great humour.”

Christoper Tzar

“Heidi is an excellent speaker. She is so passionate and inspiring, entertaining, and very willing to share her experience and knowledge. She managed Q&A’s and the interaction well. I would love to sit and talk to her all day. Thank you.”

Lisa Ponewly

“I am writing to tell you how much I loved your lecture. You gave me so much inspiration – it’s no wonder you have such a successful business! I was telling everyone about it and it definitely was one of the best, most informative lectures I’ve ever attended.”

Helen Randall

“Absolutely awesome. The projector bulb blew and she still was amazing and focused. Well done. I learnt heaps. Thanks.”

Sandra Narezzi

“Heidi shared an engaging and clear way that we can each take manageable actions to lead our own version of success. Heidi’s wholistic approach, with a focus on celebration and personal reward, really resonated with our team. Leaders reported that their consultants were inspired to take actions in their business, which led to direct results the next day. Thank you, Heidi.”

Georgia Graf, Branch Manager, Thermomix Australia

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