The WE CARE program is designed specifically for leaders who understand the financial benefits of putting their number one asset first – their people.

Its overall purpose is to achieve results from your workplace wellness initiatives.

We do this by creating a strategy together and by making micro-changes to the frameworks, education programs and ideas that you already have in place.

The goal of the WE CARE program is to alleviate the financial and emotional stress that occurs when:

  • Retaining your best people becomes increasingly difficult.
  • Productivity and performance of your staff is declining, which is reflected in the diminishing profits.
  • Absenteeism is at an all-time high and everyone looks exhausted, unhealthy and overwhelmed.
  • Sarcasm and bickering has replaced the positive work culture of the past.
  • Workers Compensation Claims increase due to burnout, musculoskeletal injury and/or mental health issues.

WE CARE is an acronym for:

Why is it important for your specific organisation to create a workplace that facilitates a thriving culture?

What is the number one KPI we need to improve?

How will this be measured?

Who have you already got?

What are they already doing?

Where are the gaps?

Do you have the courage to discuss, support and improve workplace mental health?

How to maintain mental balance, promote mental performance & prevent mental ill-health?

What opportunities are there to increase activity to enhance physical health, improve cognitive ability, and develop self-leadership qualities?

What engagement activities can staff be involved in that connects and ignites their passion and purpose, and allows them to be acknowledged for their great work?

How strong is your workplace resilience bucket?

How strong are the resilience buckets of your people?

What strategies are in place to improve resilience, reduce stress and prevent burnout?

Does the work environment enable access to fresh food, fresh air, natural light, smart spaces and mother nature?

Heidi Made Pragmatic and Grounded Recommendations For Improvements

We recently gained access to Heidi Dening’s specialist knowledge to review our draft Workplace Wellbeing Strategy.

The result of our collaboration was a strategy that included strong measures of success, ways to ensure we effectively evaluate the strategy, recognition of what is already in place, and alignment with our organisational strategy. Working with Heidi has been a delight – she is positive, supportive, engaging and exceedingly knowledgeable.”

General Manager People & Learning, Relationships Australia NSW

The WE CARE program will save you thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars annually because:

  1. You can attract, enthuse and retain the best people in your industry by becoming an employer of choice.
  1. It will continue to provide professional development opportunities to your leaders so they can support the sustainability of the individuals within their teams.
  1. You can support (or improve) the overall culture of your organisation, which leads to a healthier bottom line.
  1. It will encourage self-leadership at all levels of the organisation resulting in better collaboration, optimism, focus and decision-making.
  1. A positive staff experience will ensure a positive customer experience. Focus on your people – show them you CARE.
  1. You will save time and resources by bringing in experts rather than adding to everyone’s daily tasks and responsibilities.

Positive Impact On Our Workplace Culture

“We had Heidi from Workable Wellness come & run workshops across our entire staff over a period of 3mths. We have found her contribution invaluable. She has helped the team to put in practice realistic steps that will make a difference to their overall wellbeing, & hence will significantly impact on our workplace culture. The feedback from the team has been very positive. Thanks Heidi – anyone thinking of putting a workplace wellness program into place would be wise to use you.”

Nina Mapson Bone, Managing Director, Beaumont People

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