Have you been given the task of designing a strategy to improve the culture of wellness for your company, but don’t know where to start?

There are many conflicting case studies about how effective these programs can be so you want to ensure that you are responsible for one that is considered a success.

You have come to the right place.

Let our experienced team guide you through the maze with our step-by-step MOTIVATE package.

For as little as 5hrs a month, we can help you turn ordinary teams into extraordinary teams with a workplace wellness strategy that works!

MOTIVATE package includes:

1. Assessment

a. Company – Face-to-face or Skype meeting to discuss the objectives and challenges of your workplace wellness initiatives:

  • What do you want to achieve? Why is this important for your company?
  • Where are the critical holes and weak spots? Where are the opportunities?
  • Who are the key people to help you champion this initiative?
  • What have you implemented successfully (or unsuccessfully) up to now?
  • What are your current policies and procedures (written and verbal)?

b. Team Members – Online workplace wellness audit to understand the wellness benchmarks of your employees:

  • This provides us a better understanding of how healthy, engaged, and productive your employees are.
  • It is an anonymous survey that will allow your employees to address their workplace wellness concerns and if/how your organisation can provide support.
  • This survey can be tailored to ensure it embraces the wellness objectives of your company.
  • The before and after capabilities allow us to measure behaviour change, which is reported back to you so you can measure ROI.

c. Work Environment – Does the space have a positive impact on your team?:

  • How does your workplace impact stress levels, sleep quality and mood?
  • Does your office layout promote (or at least maintain) the health and wellbeing of your team members?
  • What micro-changes can you make to ensure productivity and enthusiasm?
  • Can individuals focus and concentrate when they have to, as well as rest and rejuvenate when they need to?

2. Recommendations

A workplace wellness design report outlining the next steps to boost the vitality, resilience, and performance of your team members based on your current policies and procedures (written and verbal), staff survey results, work environment layout, education programs, and staff focus groups (if included).

  • Discuss the recommendations for your new culture of wellness program.
  • Prioritise the changes that will have the greatest impact.
  • Provide you with documents and resources to present the business case for an improved culture of wellness program to your senior management.
  • Suggestions on how to implement the changes successfully.

3. Education

Workshop Programs:

  • Continual education for your team members is likely to be recommended. We believe in “Give a person a fish, you feed them for a day. Teach a person to fish, you feed them for a lifetime.”
  • We can organise and tailor monthly 45min workshops that specifically meet the objectives of your new program.
  • Topics to include are (but are not limited to) stress, burnout, vitality, resilience, move, eat, treat, rejuvenate, and eliminate.
  • The goal of these education workshops is to engage and inspire participants to take small realistic steps to improve their overall wellness… at work and in life.

Plus: Options of digital wellness program, e-news, mini-challenges, one-on-one coaching & lots more.

4. Monitor and Review

We won’t leave you by yourself. You can…

  • Email through any concerns you have for the next 6 months.
  • Book 3mth and 6mth follow-up calls to brainstorm or seek advice.
We want to provide you with the confidence and tools to implement a successful culture of wellness program that is sustainable and realistic to the people in your organisation.

Reach out to us today so we can organise the initial assessment meeting. After this meeting, if you feel that we are not the right company to implement your wellness design package, we will provide you with a 100% refund.

Call us on 1300 206 962 or email us at info@WorkableWellness.com.au.

We look forward to working with you and designing a workplace wellness strategy that is perfect for your business.

Ask us about these optional add-ons:

Small staff focus groups to dive deeper into survey results.
Healthy catering provided for the Lunch ‘n’ Learn events.
One-on-one Skype coaching calls to be used as prizes or staff encouragement gifts.

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