By investing in your people and creating a positive workplace culture,
your business is in a better position to:

  1. Retain top talent – If employees take an unfavourable view of their organisation’s promotion of health and wellbeing, they are four times more likely to leave in the next 12months.
  2. Improve productivity and engagement – Presenteeism costs Australian companies around $26 billion each year. It’s no secret that healthy workers are more focused and perform better.
  3. Minimise stress-related costs – Workplace stress costs Australian companies around $200 million each year. That’s why easy-to-implement stress management tools are so valuable to your business.

Teams That Thrive Lead To Workplaces That Shine

This is a 3hr workplace wellness workshop designed to improve focus, performance and optimism amongst team members.

Benefits To Participants:

Build Workplace Resilience: Recognise the warning signs of stress, map out your own personal stress spectrum, and implement three micro-changes that will immediately build resilience.

Improve Cognitive Ability: Benefit from the latest neuroscience data that enables you to sleep more, boost your brain power, and achieve deep work.

Develop Intentional Practise: Incorporate rituals into your workday so you can focus and concentrate when it matters, and rest and rejuvenate when it’s needed.

Create Authentic Optimism: How to incorporate positivity and enthusiasm even when the deadlines seem impossible.

Include Strategic Rejuvenation: Apply proven coping tactics to help replenish the brain and body – especially during hectic and high-pressured times.

Implement Action Plan: Learn the powerful Glass Jar Framework that allows you to prioritise the number one next step to improve your ability to focus, concentrate, collaborate and perform at your best.

Benefits To Workplace:

  1. Your team members will have a better understanding about their own stress triggers and therefore be able to manage themselves better when they have pressure and deadlines at work.
  2. Due to implementing a small micro-change that is specific to their lives, they will have more vitality and enthusiasm for work. This should lead to them:
  3. a. Getting more done in less time with less mistakes,
    b. Working in a more collaborative manner within their teams, and
    c. Displaying an optimistic attitude throughout the day.

    1. Your team members will be grateful that you care about their health and wellbeing, which will contribute to them staying loyal and engaged with your business. Did you know, that 1 in 4 millennial’s in your company will leave in the next 12mths if they don’t agree with your workplace wellness strategy?

Positive Impact On Our Workplace Culture

“We had Heidi from Workable Wellness come and run some workshops across our entire staff over a period of a couple of months. We have found her contribution invaluable.

  • Firstly, she was able to make the sessions flexible enough to fit in around everyone’s busy schedule.
  • Secondly, she was able to help the entire team gauge where they were at from a wellness perspective without making anyone feel bad and also in a way that felt measurable and not too fluffy.
  • Finally, she helped the team to put in practice realistic steps that will make a difference to their overall wellbeing and hence will significantly impact on our workplace culture.

The feedback from the team has been very positive – and that has come from a wide range of our team members with a varying range of expectations from the program.

Thanks, Heidi – anyone thinking of putting a workplace wellness program into place would be wise to use you.”

Managing Director, Beaumont People

For an obligation free discussion, please call us on 1300 206 962 or email us here.

Practical Strategies for the Workplace, our Personal Lives and the Broader Community


“Heidi has provided customised workshops for our team, focusing on practical strategies we can all use to improve our own health and wellbeing. We looked at the choices we make, our behaviours, and the impact that has on those around us, both in the workplace, our lives, and broader communities. Simple tools, thoughts, and ideas brought together have helped act as a catalyst within our team to broaden communication and discussion to benefit all. Heidi has an empathy and inclusive presentation manner that is very engaging and allows free thought and discussion.”


CEO, CanToo Foundation (2014-2017)

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