Retain Your Best People.

Reduce Your Team’s Stress.

Reignite Your Business’s Potential.

By investing in your people and creating a positive workplace culture,
your business is in a better position to:

  1. Retain top talent – If employees take an unfavourable view of their organisation’s promotion of health and wellbeing, they are four times more likely to leave in the next 12months.
  2. Improve productivity and engagement – Presenteeism costs Australian companies around $26 billion each year. It’s no secret that healthy workers are more focused and perform better.
  3. Minimise stress-related costs – Workplace stress costs Australian companies around $200 million each year. That’s why easy-to-implement stress management tools are so valuable to your business.

Workplace Wellness programs

Designed to improve the long-term vitality, resilience and performance of your team, each 3month Workplace Wellness program consists of:

  • Before and after online wellness audit for all participants
  • 3 x 45-minute dynamic workshops (these are best delivered in either a breakfast or lunchtime setting);
  • 3 x 5-day (take-home) mini-challenges;
  • Relevant worksheets for all participants;
  • Fun, healthy prizes to recognise engaged contributors during workshops;
  • Education and Inspiration throughout to ensure improvement;

UNIQUE BONUS: Reward three of your team members with 30min private wellness mentoring sessions (via email or phone) during the 3month program. Valued @ $375

The following programs can be tailored as half or full day events to suit your requirements. You will still receive all the great benefits – it will just be structured differently. This would be perfect for staff training days, and/or regional and interstate companies.

Choose from these three tailored programs, or let’s chat to design a specific one for your workplace:

Option 1: Extinguish The Stress. Reignite Your Success.

A 3-month program to improve team productivity, energy and engagement:

  • Essential steps to achieving wellness goals in a hectic and high pressured environment
  • 5 practical ways to manage stress so staff can perform at their best
  • Strategies for improving resilience and workplace productivity.

Option 2: Teams That Thrive Lead To Workplaces That Shine

A 3-month program to support and inspire the physical, mental and social wellbeing of your workplace:

  • 4 proven techniques for cultivating a healthy, thriving culture
  • Wellness strategies and comfort zone challenges
  • Creating and sustaining that competitive advantage.

Option 3: Strategic Rejuvenation: Stop . Revive . Thrive .

A 3-month program to set healthy habits to reduce stress and encourage wellbeing:

  • 7 steps to switching off so staff can switch on when it really matters
  • Proven sleep rituals to help fall asleep ….and stay asleep
  • Time-management strategies to juggle work, family and personal commitments without burning out.

Your Topic Is So Interesting

“There is no doubt that you are a true professional in your business. Your presentation kept everyone interested and you could hear a pin drop throughout your talk. Question time really indicated just how much of an interest your topic was.”

David Firth

GM, Pak Pacific Co.

Positive Impact On Our Workplace Culture

“We had Heidi from Workable Wellness come and run some workshops across our entire staff over a period of a couple of months. We have found her contribution invaluable.

  • Firstly, she was able to make the sessions flexible enough to fit in around everyone’s busy schedule.
  • Secondly, she was able to help the entire team gauge where they were at from a wellness perspective without making anyone feel bad and also in a way that felt measurable and not too fluffy.
  • Finally, she helped the team to put in practice realistic steps that will make a difference to their overall wellbeing and hence will significantly impact on our workplace culture.

The feedback from the team has been very positive – and that has come from a wide range of our team members with a varying range of expectations from the program.

Thanks Heidi – anyone thinking of putting a workplace wellness program into place would be wise to use you.”

Nina Mapson Bone
Managing Director, Beaumont People

Our Promise:

Our workplace wellness programs will provide powerful education and inspiration so that your team has practical tools to help them sleep more, stress less and be more productive. If, for any reason, your team members don’t get value, let us know within 30days of completing the program, and we will give you your money back (no questions asked). Alternatively, we can work with you to provide additional training at no extra cost to support any individuals who need more assistance.

Lunch n' Learns

If you would like us to deliver a one-off lunch n’ learn (it doesn’t have to be at lunch though!) as part of a broader program, we can also tailor a 45- to 60-minute presentation covering topics such as:

  • New Year Vitality – How to Amplify the Passion and Performance of Your Team
  • A Culture of Wellness Inspires Business Performance
  • Distraction, Exhaustion & Stress: How to Prevent (Corporate/Sales Team/Event Leader/Small Business) Burnout
  • Trauma to Triumph: 7 Simple Ways to Build Your Resilience Muscle
  • Work and Wellness for Busy Women – can we have it all?

Practical Strategies for the Workplace, our Personal Lives and the Broader Community

“Heidi has provided customised workshops for our team, focusing on practical strategies we can all use to improve our own health and wellbeing. We looked at the choices we make, our behaviours, and the impact that has on those around us, both in the workplace, our lives, and broader communities. Simple tools, thoughts, and ideas brought together have helped act as a catalyst within our team to broaden communication and discussion to benefit all. Heidi has an empathy and inclusive presentation manner that is very engaging and allows free thought and discussion.”

Susannah Miall
CEO, CanToo Foundation  (2014-2017)

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